John Feras On Building SushiChain: A High Performance Decentralized App Platform


For our October event, Philly Blockchain Tech is happy to welcome longtime community member John Feras to discuss SushiChain— a pre-launch cryptonetwork he's helping to create.

John is an independent software developer on a decades long journey that has led him to blockchain. Early in the mobile space, he created CASLsoft, a high-level language for PalmPilots.

Today, John is trying to learn as much as possible about the inner workings of blockchain. A great believer in "learning by doing", a few months ago joined the team building SushiChain, an OSS blockchain project being built "from the ground up" in the Crystal language.

As always, this edition of Philly Blockchain Tech is free and open to the community thanks to our amazing sponsors. Special thanks to Elsevier for once again hosting and sponsoring this week's event.

Please help spread the word about this meetup! While Philly Blockchain Tech aims to focus on the technical and entrepreneurial aspects of blockchain, all background and experience levels are welcome.

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