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Hello! Are you looking for an opportunity to practice Chinese or English with a friendly group? If yes, we welcome you to join our group.

Every Saturday, we’ll meet up and chat in Chinese and English! We pick a new topic to discuss each week.

Due to COVID-19 lockdown, we are currently meeting online. To get the chat link, please sign up for a Saturday meetup event. I will share the link with participants prior to the meeting.

If you can't make it to our Saturday chats or just want extra practice, please consider joining our Marco Polo group. Sign up for an event to get the link.

Looking forward to seeing you!




由于COVID-19 封锁状态,我们最近在网上见面。如果你要chat链接,请你报名参加一个星期六的Meetup活动。活动开始以前,我把链接送给参加者。

如果你不可以参加星期六的活动,或者你要多练习,请你参加我们的Marco Polo 小组。如果你参加一个活动,我把Marco Polo链接送给你。


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[ONLINE EST] Saturday Language Exchange 7/31

Online event

Hello! Welcome to our weekly language exchange. This week, we’ll be talking about our professions/ occupations/ hobbies. Let's share!

Due to COVID-19, we are meeting virtually. You are welcome to join even if you can't stay for the whole time.
由于COVID-19 封锁状态,我们在网上见面。即使你不能停留一整交流,也欢迎你参加。

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[ONLINE EST] Saturday Language Exchange 7/24

Online event

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