In the cards: Using tarot to guide your content projects (21+)

Tattooed Mom

530 South St · Philadelphia, PA

How to find us

Come on upstairs, check out the street art, and head past the bar — we’ll be all the way in the back. If the door’s closed, it means we’ve already started, but come on in!

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A spooky story for you:

You’re working on your newest project. Maybe it’s a different storytelling technique, a product design system, or your latest personalization campaign.

And you can hear the monster growling under your bed: There’s so. much. information to work through.

You have about 13 different approaches you’d like to try, and they all feel like they have promise. No wonder the project is starting to haunt you.

But your next milestone is at your doorstep, your writers totally ghosted you, and you’re surrounded by spreadsheets that contain… even more information than what you’re trying to process in the first place.

Terrifying, no? It doesn't have to be.

When approached as a thought experiment, tarot cards become a powerful tool for seeking clarity, testing new ideas, and growing your systems thinking skills.

The practice of tarot isn’t only useful to fortune tellers and cartoon villains, and it’s more than just random chance.

Using tarot cards (plus some content strategy magic) can completely revamp how you work.

After starting with some of tarot’s basic principles, we’ll walk through using tarot as a framework to explore how giving your information some structure can completely change your story, simplify your systems, or even make people wonder if your brand can somehow read their minds.

That’s right — you, too, can be a content witch.

This talk is best for people who already have a basic understanding of content strategy, but if you’re still a beginner, you’ve got nothing to fear. Getting familiar with Brain Traffic’s Content Strategy Quad will help you set a solid foundation before we get together:


Speaker bio:

Jess Ryan is a Philly-based UX / content witch. She’s currently a content strategist for Think Company, where she works alongside her clients to tackle complex product and service design challenges.

Jess is big on building relationships, exploring new places and ideas, cultivating a sense of curiosity, and enjoying a nice stroll on Saturday mornings. She first discovered the delightful crossover of her tarot practice and professional life in 2015, and her world hasn’t been the same since.



• 6:30-7:00pm Networking, snacks*, refreshments
• 7:00 - 7:10pm Announcements & Speaker Introduction
• 7:10 - 8:00pm Presentation
• 8:00 - 8:30 Q&A, Networking

* We’ll have a sampling of snacks and refreshments from Tattooed Mom for attendees. If you’re hungry for more, we encourage you to get to Mom’s early for happy hour — or stay after the event — and enjoy their full menu!



*This event’s venue is 21+ only — please be sure to bring valid ID with you.*

Tattooed Mom has an all-gender restroom on the ground floor and gendered, multi-stall restrooms in the room where we’re meeting.



We’ll use a microphone during the event to ensure attendees have an opportunity to hear the presentation, regardless of seat availability, hearing level or ability, room acoustics, HVAC system, and other factors. We’ll also use the closed-captioning feature on Google Slides, and we welcome you to use any other assistive technology you may need in order to enjoy the event.

The space is not wheelchair accessible; the stairwell is approximately 15 steps from the main floor to where we’ll be meeting, plus a couple more steps as you make your way to the back of the bar.