Building a Business Case for Cognitive Analytics


Together with the IBM-sponsored Philadelphia Analytics Meetup (, we have a special event planned for’s Delaware Innovation Week ( Please note: this will be in a Delaware location, rather than Philadelphia’s Pennovation Center.


Building a business case for something completely new, like an artificial intelligence solution, brings unique challenges. Like “how does your business benefit from trending social media comments?” Or, how do you quantify the value of, "a summary of this month's 100 articles on the pharmaceutical you are about to prescribe?" This presentation will define how to document the tangible and intangible benefits of such solutions. Tangibles are the benefits that can be quantified in the $ benefit you can see from implementing the solution. Intangible benefits are the subjective benefits which cannot be measured in monetary terms, but are just as important. Tangible benefits help you measure your success, while leaders also consider the intangible.

What will attendees learn?

Artificial Intelligence Solution designers and key decision makers will learn the different aspects of the business case for a completely new technology. Cognitive computing requires a fresh approach to categorizing what is possible. Advances in AI areas such as natural language processing, machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, and the ability to understand unstructured data drive new business case tangible and intangible benefits.

Jim McAssey, consultant and ex-Vice President of Discovery Machine, Inc. will be leading the discussion on Building the Business Case for Cognitive Analytics.

This will be our first Meetup located in Delaware, making participation in’s Delaware Innovation Week that much more special.