Scheduling Success with F# Web Development

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Philly F#
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It's easy to get excited about using F# on the web, but getting started is a bit confusing!

As a neurotic software developer, I often find myself scheduling my days, weeks, months, etc. in 15min intervals to make sure I'm getting things done.
In this session, we'll use F# with Fable (an F# -> JS compiler) together with Suave (an F# server-side web framework) to gradually build a scheduling web app that helps me manage my life.

Stachu Korick is a .NET hipster, focusing much of his time on the most business-reward fringes of .NET.
He is a Senior Developer at AcademyOne, working on higher education software in Malvern, PA.
Before or after the session, feel free to contact him at [masked].