Publishing your first 3D Game With Unity - Hands-On Lab


Software Required to Follow Along on your laptop (you are welcome to come and absorb and join in the conversation, too!)

Unity 4.6 (

Visual Studio (Community, Professional, Premium, or Ultimate) (

Install the UnityVS Plugin (

AdRotator PlugIn for Unity (

5:30 - 6:00 : Meet and Greet and Install Software

6:00 - 8:00 : Publishing your Unity game (User Interface, Advertising, Building)

There's much more to game development than setting up your scenes, graphics, controls, and sounds. You also need menus and user interface. You probably want to choose platforms to publish to. And you might be interested in making money with your hard work.

You'll learn about the all new GUI tools in Unity 4.6. We'll practice exporting the project to a few platforms. Finally, we'll see how you can use controls like those from AdDuplex to monetize your game.

Join us for this second lab on building a 3D game with Unity and get closer to publishing your first game!