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Minecraft Modding

Minecraft is the top selling PC game of all time, having sold nearly 20 million copies. This doesn't count sales for console versions, tablet versions or phone versions.

From the beginning, those who were Minecraft's biggest fans wanted to shape the game into something more. There has been a vibrant and passive modding community from day one. And since Microsoft's acquisition of the game and brand, they've incorporated the ability to write mods into Visual Studio.

If you or your children have an interest in modding Minecraft for PC platforms, this meetup is for you. We'll look at the current state of Minecraft modding.

Modding games is a GREAT way to get involved in making games. Several of the great games of the past started as mods (CounterStrike, Team Fortress, DayZ just to name a few) and became such huge hits that the mod creators either had their companies bought or were offered jobs in the game industry.

Recommended audience:
Kids and adults 12 and up that play Minecraft, especially the (Java based) PC version for Windows, Mac. and Linux purchased at (Console, tablet, and mobile versions aren't moddable at this time)

If you have Java or C# experience, that is a plus, but the meetup intends to be suitable for non-developers.

Bring your laptops with the Minecraft game installed. Or sit back and enjoy the show.

5:30 - Arrive, meet and greet, last minute softwate installs
6:00 - Making Minecraft mods!
Ends at 8:00

There are currently no refreshment plans for this meetup. You may feel free to bring something to eat and drink. If this changes, this will be updated.