Data Science, F# and Fable


Our monthly meeting will be held February 21 from 5:30-8:00 on the second floor of the Microsoft Malvern MTC in Malvern. Refreshments are provided courtesy of philly.NET.

Data Science Developers - Dave Volyes

Data science, machine learning, & AI are the latest buzzwords sweeping through the tech industry. It can be overwhelming to understand how it all works, see how it can assist at your workplace, and then actually implement it, so the goal of this talk is to break it all down for you into simple terms. During this talk we’ll cover the multitude of options Azure offers for data scientists and software engineers looking to visualize and explore data points. This will include Data Science / Deep Learning VMs, Azure Notebooks, and several key features of our cognitive services suite. Whether you are brand new to the world of machine learning and data science or an experienced professional, you’re sure to learn something new.

Grappling the JavaScript Ecosystem with F# and Fable - Stachu Korick

You can do *anything* with JavaScript, from web applications to artificial intelligence. That said, not all of us love working in a weakly-typed dynamic language. Fable is a free and open-source tool that can solve not only these pains but further fulfill the desire to write full-stack web and mobile applications in a single language while sharing code across platforms. In this session, be prepared for a head-first overview of F#, how to compile it to JavaScript, and learn about how real businesses use F# to create full-stack mobile and web applications powered by Fable. You'll walk away with concrete next steps any road of success Fable can lead you on.

This session will live stream on Mixer at our channel