The Future Of C# Workshop

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Note=> Friday workshop ticket holders do not need to register for Saturday. The same badge works for both days. Explore camp details at

Scott Kay

C# is evolving at a rapid pace since the introduction of the new Roslyn compiler and after embracing the open source community. There have been a lot of new features added to the language over the last year and even more coming soon in C# 8.0. In this full day workshop, we will review the evolution of the C# language and explore all features currently in development for the next release. Through hands-on labs, you'll learn how to compile and safely install prototype branches of the Roslyn compiler, explore upcoming changes to C# reference type nullability, discover new ways to access contiguous memory, and explore new pattern matching patterns.

* Please bring a laptop with Windows and Visual Studio 2017 (any edition is fine) for the hands-on labs. One of the labs will require 16GB free disk space for temporary files, but I can share the result of that step if you don't have that much free space.