Progressive Web Apps From Beginner to Expert

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Chris Love, MVP

Progressive Web Apps are the hot thing, they allow you to use the web to create a native app-like user experience while retaining the openess and reach of the web.

If you manage consumer or enterprise websites you need to understand PWAs because they provide value everywhere...literally every device, operating system and browser!

'These are websites that take the right vitamins and progressively becomes apps' - Alex Russell

This workshop assumes you know nothing about PWAs and holds your hand through explaining core concepts and walks you through code to demonstrate PWA development.

You will learn why HTTPS is a required feature for any application and why search engines and modern APIs require a secure connection.

I will teach you about the web manifest file, how to create one and your application's images in just a few minutes. You will also learn about different manifest properties, their options and what they trigger for your PWA experience.

The bulk of the day is spent getting intimate with service workers, specifically the life cycle and caching.

How do you register a service worker?
How secure is a service worker?
How much of your domain does a service worker control?
What service worker features are supported by different browsers?

And there will be caching, lots and lots of caching! You will learn how to build a PWA that can load almost instantly and function offline.

I will also demonstrate how to use different caching and invalidation strategies.

Finally, if we have time, you will see how to integrate native push notifications to drive increased user engagement.