Hands-On with Kubernetes and Rancher

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This session provides a great starting point for new users to get a hands-on overview of Kubernetes and how to set up a Kubernetes deployment with Rancher.

During this session we'll explore Kubernetes architecturally, examine some basic Kubernetes concepts and then dive right into a hands on. During this session we'll cover
• Essential Kubernetes Concepts
• The key components of a Kubernetes deployment
• Deploying and scaling a containerized application
• Deploying Rancher
• Configuring Access Control
• Connecting to Registries
• Networking, Load Balancing and Service Discovery
• Alerts, logging, and resource management
• Basics of Kubernetes storage
• Using the Rancher CLI and API


For this hands-on you'll need a laptop and access to at least 2 Linux machines. They can be physical or virtual, but should have connectivity to each other without firewalls in the way. Each should have at least 1 cpu and 4GB of RAM.

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