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Container Orchestration for .NET Developers

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Container Orchestration for .NET Developers


This is a follow up to our January meeting. Mike has a lot of material prepared so we spit the presentation into a second meeting.

Mike Melusky - Container Orchestration for .NET Developers

Come spend an evening learning about .NET Core and how we can leverage cloud infrastructure for our deployments. We will look at deploying ASP.NET Core MVC applications using two approaches. First we will look at the traditional "web deploy" approach with Visual Studio and Microsoft IIS. Afterwards we will look at how a .NET Core application can be deployed and ran inside of a Docker container. With Docker demonstrated, we will then look at the containerization services offered by the major cloud providers, notably Microsoft Azure (with ACS) and Amazon AWS (with ECS.) We will also look at the serverless runtimes offered by both providers (Microsoft offering Azure Container Instances and Amazon offering ECS Fargate.) With everything shown, we should be able to deploy .NET Core applications into the cloud and take advantage of container orchestration features, all without any knowledge of Kubernetes!

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