Philly New Tech Meetup #55 - October 2018 -- Gaming


The gaming industry, with the recent surge of esports, has been exciting gamers and non-gamers around the world as of late. Emerging technologies such as VR/AR, advanced game engines, and real-time streaming services are enabling amazing experiences, whether they are for competitive purposes, serious applications such as medical simulations, or pure entertainment.

Our speakers for this month's meetup will discuss Serious Games and Esports. Serious Games are games designed with their primary purpose being something other than entertainment. This concept includes things like corporate training, brand advertising, simulations, and gamified experiences. Esports are multiplayer video games designed to be played before spectators. The proliferation of Twitch streaming has created an industry where esports are quickly becoming as popular are traditional sports.

Join us to learn from the experts about trends, use cases for your company, and opportunities to get involved in the industry!

5:45 - Networking and food

6:15 - Introduction

6:20 - Vance Souders - Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Chair, CEO

6:45 - Danny Harvith - N3rd Street Gamers, Director of Business Development

7:05 - Arad Malhotra - Skyless Game Studios, CEO

7:25 - GLIDE Lab, Drexel University

7:45 - Announcements

About the speakers:

Arad Malhotra, is an award winning Social Entrepreneur with a passion to create, lead and advise disruptive startups that create meaningful impact. Arad, is a global expert in educational games and the co-founder of Skyless Game Studios, a highly decorated organization that uses the immersive video games as an active learning medium to drive social impact through engagement.

Vance Souders has over 18 years of software engineering and leadership experience focused on simulation and interactive development. He is proficient in multiple languages, processes and APIs and has experience with multiple parts of the game and simulation development pipeline including task analysis, game design, management, production and marketing. He is active in the development community as a founding member of the Philadelphia chapter of the International Game Developer Association and was chair of the 2017 I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.

In 2014 Vance founded, a creative studio focused on improving wellness and education through the creation of applications that leverage the best in game design and emerging technologies including VR, AR and wearable devices. His interest in synthetic biology, genetic engineering and bioinformatics led him to create a Biohacking group that meets in center city Philadelphia.

N3rd Street Gamers is America’s premier amateur esports pipeline. NSG is an esports network focused on serving semi-professional, amateur, and developing gamers. With roots in the industry back to 2007, the NSG team organized in 2014 to empower competitive video game communities with resources to grow.

Starting with venue space, we quickly moved on to providing hardware, tournament administration, and broadcast services to gamer communities nation-wide including Mad City, GEX CON, Philadelphia Union, Philadelphia Fusion, Fragadelphia, Cheeseadelphia, Go For Broke, and Brotherly Brawl.

With backing from top sports tech venture capital firm, SeventySix Capital, led by MLB World Series Champion Ryan Howard. NSG intends to grow the amateur scene of this millennial dominated industry.

At GLIDE Lab we explore the design of immersive and interactive technologies to impact learning experiences, motivation to learn, teacher preparation, and identity exploration of learners in different settings.

Sponsored by:
Duane Morris
Kopelman Foundation
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Red Queen Gaming