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Operations friendly object storage for OpenStack with Riak CS

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Riak CS is an open source large object storage platform. Because it's built atop of Riak, Riak CS can achieve the same horizontal scalability, fault-tolerance, and high availability as Swift, but in a much more more operationally-friendly way. With Keystone integration and Swift API compatibility, Riak CS can now serve as a drop-in replacement for Swift in many deployments.

We will explore the architecture underlying Riak CS and discuss why you should care that operators enjoy working with it. Learn how Riak CS can replace or coexist with Swift in the OpenStack ecosystem to solve large object storage and scaling problems.

Our March session will be led by Hector Castro. Hector works at Basho Technologies, the sponsors of Riak and Riak CS. Previously, he was a software engineer at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), where he worked on enabling full-text search for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents. He also co-organizes Philly DevOps, a DevOps user group in Philadelphia.

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