Philadelphia, PA

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Nov 2, 2016


I'm a physician and my training has shaped my views on most issues. I'm also deeply interested in psychology and the hidden factors that shape how we see the world.

Which of the following types of events are you interested in: (1) informal events for socializing, (2) science trivia & games, (3) formal group discussions, (4) organized debates, (5) public lectures & skeptic conventions?

All of the above

Are there any skeptic-related authors, TV shows, films, podcasts, or blogs that you like? If you'd like to see us cover them, please list them...

Steven Novella, David Gorski, Julia Galef

Which of these skeptical issues interest you: (1) atheism & religious debates, (2) fake news & fact checking, (3) scientific debates & pseudoscience, (4) pseudohistory & conspiracy theories, (5) logical fallacies & cognitive bias, (6) consumer fraud?

mostly science/pseudoscience and psychology