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Spring Cloud Data Flow in Action
We are looking to follow-up on our August Spring Kakfka meet-up with a session on Spring Cloud Data Flow. If you are not familiar, no problem, you will be after this session. David Turanski will introduce the technology and demo its power and flexibility to satisfy ETL and streaming workload in a cloud native way. Additionally, later this month (9/24-27) is the SpringOne Platform conference. We hope that you'll be there. We will set aside 15 minutes during our November meet-up for members who went to the conference to share highlights of their favorite talks. If you are interested in registering, use the discount code S1P200_DPfeffer to save $200. We are working on a more detailed description of the topic and a location, but wanted to publish this early for you to save the date. Please Please RSVP with your intent. Last meeting was in King of Prussia, and we are interested in that is the best location for our members. Please vote with this poll and let us know which Philadelphia region is best for you:

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