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Monthly Meeting @ IndyHall

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Curtis H.


Before the Meeting

We meet out of Indy Hall, a co-working community in Old City. They’ve extended a discount to our group to come in early and work out of Indy Hall for the day. When you get there, mention CocoaHeads and you’ll recieve $10 off the normal drop-in rate (you’ll get in for $20). Many CocoaHeads members are also Indy Hall members, so you’ll see some of us around. Avoid the rush hour commute and join us!

Meeting Agenda

Social Hour

When the doors open we kick off the meeting with our social hour. Don’t skip out on this - it’s the perfect time to say hi to new members, hack on a side project, and pick each others’ brains about problems you’re running into. Bring your laptop and take advantage of our helpful community to push through that problem you just can’t quite seem to Stack Overflow your way out of.

The outside doors are locked by 7:00PM, so come join us for the Social Hour before the Main Meeting begins.

Formal Meeting


Helping Future You with Internal Technical Documentation - Audrey Troutt

I’d like to talk about internal technical documentation. Specifically, how to communicate technical ideas to other developers. I’ll cover common diagrams like sequence diagrams, workflow diagrams, architecture diagrams, and UML/class diagrams, as well as provide guidelines for how much description vs diagrams vs API specs vs code comments you should make depending on the audience, time available, and complexity of the code being documented. My opinion is that I don’t actually think Apple is a great role model for us here, but there are plenty of examples in the open source community to draw inspiration from.

Show and Tell: Color Pseudo Science in Swift - Rich Boutwell

Rich will show off his new Mac app, Quadtone Profilers that does predictive color model for inkjet printing.

Show and Tell: Road to iOS13: Swift Package Management - Kotaro Fujita

If you ever had to deal with third party package managers like CocoaPods and Carthage, both have their pros and cons. Swift Package Manager (PM) is a first party solution that’s been around for a while and now integrated with Xcode 11.

What is Swift PM and why you would want to use it? What problem does it solve? How do you install and consume it? How do you make one?

Post-Meeting Drinks

After meeting drinks will commence at 2nd Story Brewing Co at 117 Chestnut Street.
399 Market Street, Suite 360 · Philadelphia, PA
How to find us

IndyHall is on the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn Building at 4th and Market

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