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Database Throwdown 2012 - Philly Tech Week

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Over the last couple of years the database market has exploded with new options, including key value stores, document databases, column stores, map/reduce frameworks and graph databases. Relational products are advancing too, including in-memory options from both commercial vendors and open source projects.

As part of Philly Tech Week, this PhillyDB event will host representatives from several different products and projects in order to help you understand what your choices are, how they work, and what kinds of problems each is best suited for.

Confirmed participants include:

Vertica ( - an MPP column-store db from Michael Stonebraker

Oracle ( - the reigning enterprise champ, plus MySQL (and more)

Basho ( - providers of the powerful, open-source, distributed Riak db

Hortonworks ( - enterprise-grade Hadoop from core contributors

GT.M ( - A proven ACID KV/document store from our own back yard

MongoDB ( - scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL DB

PostgreSQL ( - world's most advanced open source database