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Security Practices for DevOps Teams

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The same business and technology environments that are great for DevOps - fast-moving, hosted services - are also attractive targets for hackers. These businesses house valuable data about their users, and need to make it available only to certain users from anywhere on the internet. Protecting data from outsiders willing to sell or exploit it is no easy task.

We'll talk about how RJMetrics thinks about data security, focusing specifically on the role that our DevOps team plays and the best practices we have developed for running software securely in Amazon Web Services.

Speaker Bio

Chris Merrick is the VP of Engineering at RJMetrics (, where the team is building a cutting edge hosted data analytics platform that enables business users to ask, answer and act on data-driven questions.

Meetup Location Change

Last month our meeting space was sponsored by PromptWorks (, but this month we are back at the Comcast Center.


Food and beverage for this meetup will be provided Comcast Labs.