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Hi Everyone. We're going Virtual with this month and we have some really interesting talks planned to make it worth your while.

EDIT- We are going with BlueJeans not google meet as originally planned. Link will be sent out day of to people who have rsvp'd yes.

Please make sure to RSVP so you will get the link when it's finalized.

6:30 - Food and whatnot (BYOB....) This first 5 minutes will be for everyone to sort their streaming out, presenters included.

6:35- Welcome - Announcements from the DevOps Community

6:40 - 60 Seconds Each from 5 People That Are Hiring (if you are hiring and need to speak, grab a presenter slot. )

6:45 - From the "Bad But Fun Ideas" Department: Websites on AWS Lambda with SQLite on S3

Experimenting with "bad but fun" ideas can prove beneficial. Tim recently released version 0.3 of django-s3-sqlite to PyPI, which allows you to use SQLite as your Django database on S3. This breaks many best practices, and creates race conditions, but for your blog, personal site, or screen scraping project, it can be cost effective. You can check out the performance of his Django website yourself: - which currently costs a whopping $0.52 per month to host. Join us for a shallow dive into this "bad but fun" idea!
About the Speaker

Timothy Allen (he/him/his) works as an IT Technical Director for WRDS at The Wharton School, is an organizer of the Philadelphia Python Users Group, DjangoCon US, and a member of the PSF and DSF. He maintains a bunch of packages on PyPI and contributes to Django, FreeTDS, and several other open-source projects.

7:00 - Main Talk - # Creating Continuous Deployment on Azure Pipelines: A (virtually) Hands-On Exercise

_We'll start from scratch and create a reference implementation of a continuous deployment process in Azure._

_You'll get to commit code and watch the resulting builds. The stack we make will be a useful stepping stone to more complex Azure deployments_

We all know that the value of continuous deployment isn't just in getting finished features into production more quickly. It's *getting features finished* more quickly, and that's one area where continuous development shines.

Which would you prefer: a ninety-minute review session where everyone looks at the feature for the first time, while the developer shares `localhost:9000` over a screen-share... or would you prefer that everyone arrives at a fifteen-minute review session *already* having clicked around a working version and *already* having put their comments into Jira?

In this workshop, we'll put together a working reference implementation of continuous deployment on the Azure stack, using Azure DevOps. We'll start from scratch, and we'll work through the steps to get to a working "every push deploys the site" workflow. You'll be added to the repository, and you'll get to make commits and watch the pipeline build.

At the end, you can crib from our implementation and use it as a stepping stone for more complex deployments, like feature previews where every *pull request* comes with a working copy of the website.

## About John Young

I (John Young) am a Senior Technical Lead at Think Company. I have been doing web development since the 1990s. I believe that the best way to achieve good process is to make good process the _easiest_ thing to do... and that's why I think smooth devops is CRUCIAL to *every* part of *every* organization.

8:ish - Networking/Q&A. I (Damion) will try and give this some general structure, but it will pretty much rely on everyone having manners about speaking out. We may go text only if it gets too crazy.