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Functional Programming in Java: Past, Present, and Future

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Functional Programming in Java: Past, Present, and Future


Beginning with Java 8, the Java language architects made a concerted move to become "more functional." To best understand what this means and how to take advantage of the new language features many programmers in the Java ecosystem will need a crash course in functional programming principles and benefits. We'll cover all of that, areas where FP elements have shown up in Java previously, and what's on the road map before moving on to how best to take advantage of all of this and apply functional programming in your Java projects!

This topic brought to you by Martin Snyder:

Martin is a technology executive with extensive experience in the software industry that includes building and driving high-performance product development organizations. He is currently Vice President of Engineering at Pinnacle 21, which enables Life Sciences organizations to measure and improve the quality of their submission data.

Prior to that, he spent much of his career as CTO of Wingspan Technology, a software firm focused on document management solutions, where he was hired to build the software engineering practice and led the technical team for 15 years before the company’s sale to IQVIA in 2017. At Wingspan he served as program executive and architect for multiple SaaS products and document management solutions popular in regulated industries, especially the Life Sciences industry.

Prior to joining Wingspan he founded Ethermoon Entertainment and served as CTO of Apricus, a clinical data visualization company).

He is also an active member of the technology community as an organizer and frequent presenter for regional conferences and events, serving as leader of the Philadelphia Java User Group for three years and co-leader of the Philadelphia Area Scala Enthusiasts for four years. He has served on the programming committee for multi-day conferences including Philly ETE and The Northeast Scala Symposium, and his presentation credits include BoxWorks, LibertyJS, Philly JUG, Philly ETE, React Philly, and Northeast Scala Symposium. He has published and presented on a variety of topics over the years, most recently on Scala, JavaScript, and Functional Programming.

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