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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but our aim is too low and we reach it." ~ Michelangelo

This group was formed for YOU. You work hard to sustain a self sufficient lifestyle but you also understand that others may not be as fortunate. You volunteer for your school, church, charity and community. Sometimes it gets difficult to juggle so many of the hats that you wear and you may even get a little discouraged.

It's time to reach higher.

This group was formed because I also share the same heart as you. I work hard, care for family and still carve out time to give back to worthy causes.

Each week I get no less than 10 invites...ur, requests...ur, pleads for volunteer assistance or donations. These requests have exceeded the days in the week.

I am also approached by Veterans and other homeless people asking if I can spare a dollar. If this is also your experience then you'll agree that it can be draining both financially and emotionally.

But, increasingly, I've discovered that charities and individuals desperately need you and I to give of ourselves in multiple ways. And in order for the efforts put forth to be well received and successful we must rise to the occasion and assist with an authentic spirit of joy, love, and laughter.

Together, let's create outrageously fun, engaging and laughter-inducing events that are cause-based and that will make a difference in Philly while making you smile again. Let's support the charities you care about with a cheerful heart. We will continually recruit fresh volunteers to ensure that charities chosen have support on every level. We want them to raise funds, raise awareness and raise the collective vibration to create phenomenal events. At times they'll need funding or maybe a few extra hands. Other times they'll simply require the use of your beautiful and creative mind.

Our host of musicians, DJs, vocalists, dancers, comedians, poets, models, designers and other artists makes it easy for us to assist in facilitating a giving community that also Parties With a Purpose in Philly again and again.

Join us for one of our Meetups you find interesting or feel free to become a regular smiling face in our place. We welcome you.

We'll have a dedicated page for charity and event ideas and suggestions and as well as a page for volunteer requests. All Suggested Meetups are reviewed before being posted to the group. YOU are a part of the Keepers of Philadelphia.

Some Party with a Purpose ideas to start: (Please add at least one to the list when you join!

Dining/Wine Tasting

Dancing, dancing, dancing
Bachelor/bachelorette Auctions
Speed Dating
Art Exhibits
Live Music
Cultural Festivals
Educational events
Happy Hours
House dinners and house parties
Game nights
Battle of the Sexes Tournaments
Sporting events
Trivia contests

and more....


Peace, Love and Power


***We are the keepers of the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

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