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Philosciety has been created in an effort to revive the Socratic method of inquiry, form a social community of inquisitive thinkers and challenge each other's (and our own) ideas in a courteous and supportive environment. We operate without the high authority of professors, sages, gurus or life coaches. Our goal is simply to ask and refine questions. The emphasis is always on cultivating questions, not formulating answers. Answers are secondary and only important in the sense that they breed more questions. This greatly differs from the formula of university philosophy courses, social or religious movements or self-improvement books. Our goal is not to sell you anything or convince you of anything. In fact, we are directly opposed to any kind of proselytism. We just want you to ask questions. And ask questions. And ask questions.


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Wendell Clark's,

Hello, all! Last Monday, some of you left, some of you stayed. It certainly wasn't our usual style, but since we had so much to say, we're going to extend it. Please join us for Round 2. ***Disclaimer*** This board is to be used ONLY for attendance and questions pertaining to the topic. Please save your thoughts for the meetup. If this topic has the potential to trigger, upset or otherwise affect you, please refrain from attending. ***PLEASE DO NOT RSVP YES IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO ATTEND***

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Mental Health

Wendell Clark's,

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