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Hello and welcome! A few of you have asked, when's the first event? or simply shared 'Let's do this!' We are off to a pretty fantastic start here and I can't wait to talk Philosophy and Video Games with each of you! If you have already joined, please answer the questions for all members, share a little about yourself and why you are here, and then view our PhilosoGamers 2017 Syllabus Together! Please make your comments and edits soon, as we will finalize the Calendar in mid December! The Google Doc for the Syllabus is right here:

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    We are in an era of gaming now, where the 'how' has been answered, but the Why still hangs in the air. We are now able to create immersive VR environments and engage with people at any place in the world in almost infinite artificial and realistic seeming environments. Every single day gamers bask in what were once upon a time in the 90s only fangirl dreams and ruminations until Neal Stephenson's revolutionary cyberpunk novel 'Snowcrash' smashed through the limitations of existing technology to envision a future where gamers from all over the world convened virtually for different purposes,formats, and environments. More than ever now, the silent question for the games industry, (as for each of us in our personal lives) remains 'For The Sake of What?'. What are the driving philosophies, social norms, cultural meanings, and sometimes hidden personal beliefs that drive us to create and play the games we do? What do we want, our growing movement of gamers, out of all this? What is the purpose? What does denying a purpose say about how we feel topically and personally? How can we take meaning from videogames and increase a sense of meaning, capacity, and support in our everyday lives; the developers office, living room, in the online world, and AFK? Philosogamers is an opportunity to explore these questions as they relate not just to the evolving games industry but also our own lives. After all this industry is a product of what we all personally put into it and ask of it. We will discuss the topics, trends, and industry news we love, while learning self care and awareness techniques for: unlocking creativity, increasing moral and spiritual awareness, building and maintaining networks of support, and increasing capacity, not just productivity. All skills which we, and those we interact with, can appreciate both in game and IRL. Hate awkward boring meetings? Good News! This will all be done at places like The SF Showdown at Folsom Street Foundry, Brewcade on Market, and Free Gold Watch in the Haight, mabey even Musee Mechanique, and other places in SF where we can GET OUR GAME ON, and enjoy refreshments so that nobody will suffer of hunger or boredom. Thank you in advance for keeping a safe environment in which there are no wrong questions, or answers, and everyone gets a chance to be heard.

    Anyway, if you've read this much, and you are interested in coming to our first event and getting some free shwag with our logo on it, please fill out the questions for this Meetup when you join!

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