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Philosophical Social Mixers are regularly scheduled, casual mixers that appeal to folks that find intellectual mingling to be the best form of social mingling. The word 'philosophical' is used very broadly here, and is intended to appeal to anyone who is interested in discussing and exploring diverse perspectives ranging from the artistic, to the political, to perennial topics and themes of philosophy. For the right mindset, these mixers are great fun with just the right touch of seriousness.

Each mixer will have a concise topic, question or quotation to help kick-start your conversations.

The venues will vary. Sometimes we will all be sitting at the same table. Some events, however, will be an open space with many tables (or none) for easy mixing. These events are designed to be very informal. While I will try to be at most events I cannot attend all, so at times they may be self-organizing. As we progress and I get to know some of you, I would welcome hearing from members who would be interested in becoming event hosts when I am unable to attend.

The age range for this group is 20 to 105. (Just kidding, if you are over 105 your attendance will still be welcome! :)

Thanks for stopping by! -- Arthur

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Kick-starter: What are the distinctions between personal and political freedom?

Tonight's kick-starter is, "What are the distinctions between personal and political freedom?" Inevitably, the perennial philosophic questions concerning "free will" will enter into our discussions, but I think that efforts to make freedom concrete in terms of different personal and political contexts can produce useful and powerful philosophical insights. There is a balance between free will and determinism. As always, kick-starters can strike up some conversations that last through the evening, while others might wander anywhere and everywhere. This venue--I hope--will foster a classical mixer concept with room to wander so that you may find yourself participating in many little groups before we close. No Show Policy: A No Show is defined as someone who RSVPs 'Yes' for an event but then does not show up and fails to change his or her RSVP to 'No'. No Shows are extremely detrimental to the success of our group and are not tolerated. Reasonable exceptions, of course, may occur.

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Kick-starter question: Do you have "a philosophy?"

Miller's Ale House Restaurant

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