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Recent scientific and philosophical works on consciousness challenge today more than ever in history the dichotomy between monism and dualism.
Serious implications in fields like metaphysics, ethics, politics, law and religion make it harder than ever to have coherent and strong convictions and values around birth, death, what we eat what we want our children to be conscious and sensitive about, etc, etc, etc....

What are we? What is consciousness? What is the self? What are the consequences of the contemporary answers to these questions?

With very successful experience already in Spain, Italy, France and Belgium, we create this Philosophic-art Tertulia meetup now in Copenhagen with the aim of having a space of free debate as well as artistic inspiration around state-of-the-art philosophy of mind that can help us enrich our knowledge around these topics.

The Tertulia will not have more than 6-7 selected people.
A professional book essay of choice will be used to drive the Tertulias and ensure quality debates.
Intellectual works and artistic exhibitions inspired by debates (i.e. poetry, pictures, music, etc.) are more than welcome and could be shared with directors of cultural institutes from many countries present in Denmark.

This Tertulia is open to any background (scientist, philosophers, artists, religious people) but only people with strong and serious interest in this field are welcome.

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