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Here you'll find warm and curious armchair philosophers discussing big ideas relevant to our zeitgeist. Our talks will be grounded in short texts, either essays or book chapters, rarely more than 10-20 pages. Please do the reading ahead of time for the sake of focus. Readings will eventually be chosen by vote, though the emphasis will always be accessibility: think Alan Watts, Neil de Grass Tyson, Anais Nin or Sam Harris rather than Hegel and Foucault. Heck, maybe we could analyze transcriptions of Dave Chapelle's standup routines....

We start with the international bestseller "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" by Yuval Harari, an atheist Israeli and intellectual megastar. It has very readable prose and tons of provocative ideas with chapters like "Terrorism," "Immigration" and "Post-Truth / Fake News." (To clarify, I put Harari's other bestseller, "Sapiens," in the group title because it is more widely recognized.)

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