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Hello and welcome. I'm thinking of setting up a new group to chat about books and philosophy.

It would be lovely to meet up in a cafe and discuss ideas or books of interest and inspiration.

I can always arrange the venue and time that works best for everyone and we can meet a couple of times a month.

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Review of Novacene - Will AI help our environment thrive in the future?

Hi all, for the next book review I would like to invite you along to discuss the book Novacene, by James Lovelock. James Lovelock is a scientist, environmentalist, and futurist who has just turned 100 years of age this year. He is best known for proposing the Gaia Hypothesis. In his latest publication, Novacene he has proposed a new theory about the future of life on earth. Hyperintelligent beings will evolve from existing artificial intelligence and co-exist alongside us humans. Machine life will be dependent on us (organic life) to maintain the health of the planet and they too will be threatened by global warming. Points for discussion: • Environment, AI civilization, and the future • Our place in the world, coexisting with AI • Will AI and humans co-operate together to re-engineer the planet back to a happy equilibrium? The book review will be at Illustrate cafe on Park Street. It would be great if everyone can buy a coffee/cake in order to help support the store/ cafe outside of opening hours. I will reserve a table for the group in advance. Looking forward to seeing you there. Karis

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Review of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


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