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Hello and welcome. I'm thinking of setting up a new group to chat about books and philosophy.

It would be lovely to meet up in a cafe and discuss ideas or books of interest and inspiration.

I can always arrange the venue and time that works best for everyone and we can meet a couple of times a month.

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Philosophy of Mathematics - What Do we Mean by Numbers?

In this event let's explore the Philosophy of Mathematics. Why is mathematics true? What do we mean by numbers and do they exist?

First let's look at what Mathematics is, by discussing the following:

• Pattern
• Symmetry and order
• Quantity
• Structure
• The Fibonacci Sequence - Numbers that we see in nature
• Abstract Concepts

What is Mathematics according to Philosophers?

Wikipedia links:

Relevant Youtube Videos on the topic:

Here is a Youtube documentary on the Fibonacci Sequence:

This will be an online event on Zoom.

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Exploring philosophical ideas from Einstein

Online event

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