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Haven’t seen any phan groups in the Triangle area on Meetup, so I figured I’d put one out into the universe! This group is for fans of the band Phish to come out and meet some fellow heads. Since I just came up with the idea for this group, I am hoping to get members’ feedback on what types of events you want to have. Bar meetups, live stream watch parties, and trips to nearby shows (if they happen) come to mind, but I am open to any suggestions!

Looking forward to meeting other people who know the difference between the Bowie and Maze intros. And even if you don’t, no worries! This group is open to all!

Past events (6)

Dark Side of the Dead!

Lincoln Theatre

Live Phish at the Lincoln Theatre!

Lincoln Theatre

Charleston show Meetup!

Needs a location

General Meetup at Gizmo Brew Works

Gizmo Brew Works

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