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This group has been organized to replace the former Northeast Ohio Backpacking Club, which helped many in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere get out on trail more often, and to make new friends who share a passion for trail time. If you like to backpack, and don't like to go out by yourself, and especially if you are a former member of NEOH Backpacking Club, this club is for you. The legend of the phoenix inspired the name for the new club. Our mission will be to allow club members to plan trips, to sign up members to participate, and to share discussions about backpacking. Most trips are likely to be within a few hours drive of NE Ohio, but some will be to destinations much farther away in the USA or even international.

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Needs a location

This was always a popular trip for NEOH. If you want to camp in the winter but not be cold this is the trip for you. I booked Shelter 1 at Wolfkiel in OIl Creek State Park. If you want to attend please use the link below and reserve a shelter and post your own trip. I just made my reservation and all other shelters are still available. Four to a shelter is a comfortable number (mine is full). Key thing is to make sure you have 2 tarps per shelter. These go over the openings and will keep in the heat from the stone fire places.


You can either hike in or park at the shelter parking. We are going in Friday night and plan to park near the shelter. We will either ski or day hike on Saturday based on snow conditions.

Here is information on hiking in the park.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy trails,

Raccoon Creek SP 1-2 Nighter

Needs a location

I’ve not been to Raccoon Creek State Park, but now I will get to check it out during a time of year when it may not be too busy. There are multiple trails and a designated backcountry campsite called Pioneer.

For Friday 2/24/23, I have reserved tent sites #2 and #3 at the Sioux primitive campground, that you can drive into, though only 2 vehicles are allowed to park at each site. We can figure out how to handle that once I see who/how many sign up. There is potable water there, picnic tables, fire rings. Check in is 3 PM or later. I’ll get there at 3 PM to greet other Friday night campers.

On Saturday after a relaxed breakfast, we will pack up and move any vehicles out of the Sioux campground to our departure point at the Camp Trail Parking Area [masked], [masked]) with the plan to be hiking at 10:30 AM in a clockwise direction on the main backpacking loop at Raccoon Creek. Join us there/then if you are not coming in on Friday. It is about 5 miles on trail to the Pioneer camp where we will spend Saturday night. I have reserved tent sites #2 and #3 at Pioneer. No water source there, so we will need to tank up on the way. There is a good stream about halfway to Pioneer.

On Sunday, after a relaxed breakfast, we will pack up and continue clockwise on trail about 3.5 miles to the parking lot.

Please follow LNT principles in your trip planning and execution. The trip list can be expanded to more than 8 if someone wants to reserve additional sites. In the event of significant snow cover, the itinerary may be modified.

Northville Placid Trail Spring 2023 thru hike

Needs a location

Seeing if I can get a trip planned as best as possible. I need another four people and one or two vehicles. A Spring window to bag the 120 something mile Northville Placid trail is small. I hope for a secret season of not much mud, minimal snowfields, low flood waters and no black fly hatch. See? A bunch of things to plan for and around. The trip start date or end is not set in stone. We have to get close to April to figure it out according to conditions on the trail. I'll post more details at a later date. Sign up if interested and we will develope a plan. Peace, Two Tents and ben. He retired in 2020. The Northville Placid trail is a lowland trail. No bear cannister requirement. Might be one of the most uncaring, wild, toughest hikes I have done or attempted. 4 attempts. 1 success. Lets go.


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