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This group has been organized to replace the former Northeast Ohio Backpacking Club, which helped many in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere get out on trail more often, and to make new friends who share a passion for trail time. If you like to backpack, and don't like to go out by yourself, and especially if you are a former member of NEOH Backpacking Club, this club is for you. The legend of the phoenix inspired the name for the new club. Our mission will be to allow club members to plan trips, to sign up members to participate, and to share discussions about backpacking. Most trips are likely to be within a few hours drive of NE Ohio, but some will be to destinations much farther away in the USA or even international.

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REPOSTING-----Winter Camp 101 ----- IT'S NOT CANCELLED

Hickory Creek Parking Lot

This trip description is copied from the original Winter Camp 101, January 2011.

A trip for anyone wanting to try winter camping, wanting to try that new gear, or for someone with a little cabin fever. If you don't have the latest and the lightest equipment, and want to try some winter camping before investing some serious money into equipment, this trip is for you. We will be hiking only about a mile on the Tanbark Trail from Hickory Creek parking area, so some extra pounds may not be as big a deal as it might on an 8 or 9 mile hike. This trip is geared towards the beginner, but experienced winter campers are more than welcome.

The start will be later than normal. Meet at the Hickory Creek Wilderness Parking lot no later than 1:30 PM. we begin hiking at 2 PM. If the Hickory Creek lot is snowed in, move .25 miles up the road to the Hearts Content Rec Area, on the left.

Trekking poles or a hiking staff is recommended as we will experience a short steep section through some rocks while heading into the valley where East Hickory Creek is. Should there be enough snow and you own show shoes, bring them. If you don't own any, that's ok too, as we are going a short enough distance to "break trail" by post holing.

Sunday we will be out well before noon. One supper and one breakfast will be needed.

Winter camping can be a real blast but it can also be a real bummer if you are not prepared. Please check the forecast for expected temperatures and adjust your sleep system accordingly. If you have any concerns or questions you can contact me (voice or text) at[masked]. Email me at "[masked]".

Please follow leave no trace principals.

Snowshoe Bug Out

Hickory Creek Parking Lot

Trying something new for this winter. Doomsday preppers always have a bug out bag packed, you know, just in case. I want to have a snowshoe bug out pack ready just in case too. Just in case we get enough snow on the weekends to actually use them.

Starting January 1st, if there is enough snow down on a weekend to snowshoe, one would be notified the previous Wednesday afternoon that snow shoeing and winter camping for the weekend is a go. The plan will run through March 21st.

There will be no limit on sign ups, as not everyone will be able to attend each event.

Here is how it will work (at least I hope it will work)

1. Sign up. This means you will be ready on 2 days notice to meet at a designated location to hike with snow shoes. If you can't make it, no problem. Hopefully the will be more weekends.

2. There will be a weekend between trips. In other words, if we go January 8th, we will skip January 15th and be ready to go again on January 22nd. This is every week until March 15th. There is No limit on the number of trips.

3. At the end of each trip, we will collectively decide where our next trip will be.

4. No post holing. We will be looking for at least 8 inches of snow. Snowshoes are mandatory. With snowshoes you can expect to be off trail so map and compass, gps, or gps enabled phone will be helpful. If we are on snowshoes, snow will be used for water so plan accordingly. (We can share stoves. I have a whisperlite, so if someone wants to carry some of the fuel, you are welcome to use my stove.)

5. I may run up against not being able to go. If so, someone will need to "run" the trip.

6. Trips will start at 0900 on Saturdays. I plan to arrive Friday night and camp near the trail head. All are welcome to join me.

7. Mileage will be no more than 6 miles per day. I want to shoot for 4 to 5 per day. It is supposed to be fun, so expect a laid back atmosphere.

The first trip will be "off trail" into the Hickory Creek Wilderness, meeting at the trail head parking lot.

As always, LNT, politics stay home, smoking way down wind, and alcohol in moderation. Anyone using a pulk shall receive 15 pts. towards the great Carnival Cruise give away. (only 33,487 pts. are needed).

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