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This group was set up to learn how to make products or learn specific techniques, as well as to swap bath and body products. It is open to entrepreneurs and hobbyists, alike. However, all products must be made according to the standards set by the FDA using only FDA-approved ingredients and utilizing industry best practices for cleanliness (hair nets, gloves, clean work area, etc.).

The group will meet monthly for a product instructional demonstration and a swap. One of our soapers/makers will demonstrate how to make a product or how to create a specific technique. After the demo, we'll have the swap.

How does the swap work? Each product contributed to the swap will be given a $ value. Each member will get "chips" that represent the value of the products they've contributed to the swap. Everyone will then "shop" using their chips. If this system doesn't work out, we'll revisit how to set up the credits for the swap. I just want to make it fair as I realize some products are worth more than other products in terms of ingredients. I'm open to ideas of how to make sure that the exchanges are equitable and everyone is happy with what they go home with.

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