What we're about

A social group for Phoenix's phabulous bisexual and pansexual people to meet, greet and support each other. All gender and relationship expressions welcome. Come as you are! You're awesome! RULES LISTED BELOW.

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Our rules are simple and designed for the happiness, comfort and safety of everyone. By joining Phoenix BiPandas, you automatically agree to these rules. Any violation is grounds for immediate loss of membership. Please message Stacey directly with any problems.

1) WE ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST A SOCIAL AND SUPPORT GROUP: The foundational intent of Phoenix BiPandas is for bi- and pansexual people to meet and support each other. I truly hope friendships grow from this group. It's inevitable that a few romances may as well, but if you're here solely for the purpose of finding a date or (worse!) a hookup, you're in the wrong place.

2) NO IS A COMPLETE SENTENCE: If you are approached (in person at an event or online via messaging) and you are not interested in speaking or connecting with someone, your "no" must be respected. If someone is not responding to you, be an adult and take that as a no.

3) NO UNICORN HUNTERS: Hey couples! You're welcome to attend our group if one or both of you identify as bi- or pansexual. But you are NOT allowed to intentionally cruise for a third to spice up your life. Unicorn hunters are gross. Don't be one.

4) WE ARE POSITIVITY-FOCUSED: That means don't yuck someone's yum. We are all welcome here: single, couple, monogamous, polyamorous, kinky, vanilla, big, small, girl/boy/other (or non!), trans, cis, punk, J. Crew -- if you identify as bi- or pansexual (or you're questioning), you belong with us. Period. If you feel shamed in any way for any reason, please tell Stacey immediately. Mama don't mess with that nonsense. You are gorgeous and wonderful exactly as you are. 😘

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