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Heartbeat Meditation
Shamanic trance drumming is a method to drop into a deep meditative state. A variety of percussion instruments will be used to facilitate a journey into the subconscious space where one can find healing and peace. We will begin with a trance beat, then move toward the heartbeat. The heartbeat is the first sound that we have all heard, inside our mothers. It is the sound of deep connection with our origins and with each other. Then we use the sound of water to journey to our primordial origins. This is the place where we are our Sat Nam, our True Selves. A remembrance. Please join. This class is only $10. • What to bring There are pillows and blankets that you can use, but please bring anything special that you will need to ensure your comfort. • Important to know It is not good to interrupt the meditation session, so please be on time and remember to turn off any electronic devices upon entering the studio. New students register here: Photo from:

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