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Welcome to Phoenix Cuddle Parties and Events!

Come and join the Best Place in Phoenix to boost mental and physical health with opportunities for personal validation through healthy boundary negotiation and social connection in a non-sexualized* environment where you can feel safe** to be yourself as you practice good boundary setting and learn how to ask for what you want, say yes, say maybe, and say no, as well as learning how to accept no for an answer and be just fine ;)


It’s about experiencing social connection that is all about compassion, affection and touch. It’s about touch that is not about sex.

Wait - IS THERE such a thing?

Of course there is! Though not everyone knows it or how to find it. One problem with finding comforting touch is that if you believe that touch is about sex, then either you are afraid it might lead to sex, or you are afraid it might not lead to sex. Not so helpful.

We humans need touch and affection. Welcome, nurturing, consensual touch is good for you. Good for your body, heart and spirit. Good for your blood pressure, your nervous system, your emotional health, your ability to connect with and trust people, your ability to respect and care for yourself, your creativity, sense of safety and comfort and belonging. Infants who are deprived of touch fail to thrive; we never outgrow the need.

Why is it so hard to find? Because for the most part, society today has linked touch with sexual relationship, or at least romance, hooking up or ‘attraction’.

What if touch can be just about being a human being who cares about other human beings and offering kindness, compassion, comfort and nourishment? To learn more about Official Cuddle Parties visit

Within this meetup group you will see Official Cuddle Parties and Non-Official Cuddle Parties. It is important and required that everyone attend 3 or more Official Cuddle Parties BEFORE attending a Non Official Party. The reason for this is so that everyone understands the Rules and expectations of engagement and has multiple opportunities to integrate and practice their skills. If anyone attending a non official cuddle party violates the rules, they will be removed and requested to continue strengthening their skills at Official Cuddle Parties where the event is facilitated.

Official Cuddle Parties are first and foremost a Workshop. Whether you are skilled in communication and boundaries or not, this is the place to explore where you can improve and become the best cuddler you can be. You may find that these skills easily transfer to your life outside cuddling and provide you with a solid foundation to relate with others. Most OCP's do have a registration cost to them. They are facilitated by Certified Facilitators with Cuddle Party, a 13 year organization dedicated to teaching and empowering individuals. The cost covers: the expenses whether it is held at a residential or commercial space, the cost of food and beverages provided, and the time and education of the facilitator. Registration cost varies and is at the discretion of the facilitator or facilitators.

Cuddle Events and Gatherings hold the same rules as the OFC, but they are not workshops. They are more social and community environments for cuddlers to enjoy time with one another. There may or may not be a cost to these depending on who's hosting and creating the event. Most of the time these events require money to be spent so the host may ask for a donation to cover such expenses.

Every cuddler can host an event or party, if they want to have a gathering of their own and share it on the meetup, they are accepting responsibility to up hold the integrity of the group.

Every cuddler can request one on one cuddling with someone they have met IN PERSON. Guidelines: Clearly state what intentions and boundaries are of each participant. One on One cuddling is to up hold the rules and integrity of the group. You can use these opportunities to refine and brush up on the rules or to just give and receive nurturing, loving and supportive touch.

What to Wear and How to Prepare | Think cotton, think comfortable to lounge around in. Think clean and soft. No perfumes or strong deodorants. Bring a bottle of water that is sealable and a pillow for your comfort. Reach out to a facilitator if you have concerns or questions.

There are several Professional Cuddlers including 2 Facilitators that offer One on One appointments. Each PC is independent, you will not find sessions available through the Meetup.

We want to encourage and support you in anyway we can, so again if you find yourself experiencing trouble connecting, REACH OUT! We are doing our best to read minds, but that shit is difficult ;) help us, help you.


*Non-Sexualized means there is no sexual discussion or sexual gesturing this includes the sharing of sexual photos or invitations to sexual events. We want to make this very clear that by joining you are agreeing to maintain the clarity in which these events are shared. We are sexual beings and humor around sexuality can be said and heard occasionally. If you are offended in any way, PLEASE speak to a facilitator. Our intention behind this ZERO TOLERANCE is to create a level of clarity and safety while accepting and appreciating our humanity.

**Safety includes communication. This is a non-violent space in communication as well as physical contact.

ANYONE WHO CHALLENGES, CROSSES, or DISREGARDS these practices WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED from the group on their first offense.

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