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No More Comfort Zone
Join us in May to learn from Chelsea Hickok as she challenges us to step outside our comfort zone and be comfortable in the uncomfortable. "My experience from being a Fiction Writing and English instructor at ASU showed me that people can be reluctant to give criticism/comments on a topic or medium they feel insecure in. They will usually just write GREAT! and a smiley face in the margin rather than try to engage sincerely with the piece. This workshop will force us into thoughtful criticisms that everyone can learn from as we begin developing a sense of our own style and tastes in a new medium. As a play on rapid prototyping in a workshop setting, we’ll embrace our weaknesses and level the playing field by dividing into two workshop groups made of people who feel worse at writing and people who feel worse at drawing. What will we learn about our abilities in a new medium? How will we communicate our thoughts constructively in a medium we aren't comfortable with? What will we learn about the medium we thought we were strongest in?"

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    Phoenix Design Thinking & Innovation Collective aims to bring people together from a wide variety of industries, backgrounds and roles to collaborate and discuss practices, methodologies, tactics and experiences to help us collectively bring innovative ideas to the world. We are proud to be the first satellite chapter of the Seattle Design Thinking & Innovation Collective because we share their vision to build a community of innovators, design thinkers, and creative catalysts who are passionate about design thinking and bringing creative confidence to their teams and industries. We believe that by sharing ideas, methods, and stories with each other, we are all better equipped to lead a creative revolution for ourselves, our colleagues and our industries.

    Who should attend? Anyone who is currently trying to build an innovation culture in their organization, anyone who is curious about design thinking and creativity, and design thinkers who are already practicing and want to connect to the greater Phoenix innovation community.

    What will you get out of it? A network of fellow creatives and catalysts, new ideas for your own practice, and case studies and tips for how to bring innovation tools and mindsets back to your organization and teams.

    Your Hosts: Tamara Christensen of Idea Farm is delighted to be hosting this Meetup series and is always on the lookout for like-minded collaborators who want to co-host. Interested in sponsoring, hosting or facilitating a future Meetup? Email me at to discuss!

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