• Spark Your Senses with Scentstorming
    Inspire the brain to think in unusual ways, particularly when finding, framing and solving problems or facing the unknown. The purpose of the Scentstorming kit and activities is to foster connections and inspire creativity in individuals and groups; to think in new ways about your challenges and opportunities and face them with enthusiasm. Scents are stimuli that trigger chemical reactions, which in turn elicit memories and inspire imagination. These sparks create points of departure for new thinking about a specific topic (which may have nothing to do with the scent itself.) In the end, you will solve problems, generate ideas, and explore creatively in ways that depart from the scents, but they are a fantastic catalyst to start the process. Join Idea Farm's Tamara Christensen, Founder, and Kim Larkin, Senior Associate, as they take us through Scentstorming in a hands-on workshop focused on the PDT&IC audience. AGENDA 6:00pm - Mingle and enjoy free food & drinks 6:30pm - Scentstorm with Tamara and Kim 7:30pm - Closing 8:00pm - Done! PARKING You may park in the covered, member parking lot. If there are no spaces left, you may park on the street. Please reference the parking map in the comments section. Special thanks to Co+Hoots and Idea Farm for the support. See you there :)

    Co + Hoots

    221 East Indianola Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 · Phoenix, AZ