• Visualizing a Future Innovation Hub
    What can an innovation hub become? Join us in envisioning the future of spaces for creatives, workers, and residents in the valley through collaborative design thinking methodology. We are partnering with the ASU Design School to think about the future Smith Industrial Innovation Hub, a new City of Tempe initiative that aims to mix economic development promoting investment and job creation with placemaking work that is meaningful and supports designers, artists, workers, residents, and other creative practitioners. We will begin with a dive into the site presented by Tempe Economic Development staff and ASU graduate students who are tackling this project this fall. We will then explore ideation techniques to envision the possible futures of the innovation hub. What does the innovation hub look like? How can it engage and create opportunities local art and design communities? How can it support local communities? Smith is the pilot project for nine future innovation hubs across Tempe that the city approved earlier this year, your ideas may become instrumental in influencing development of this new initiative supporting creative practitioners, residents, and local businesses. This event is an extension of an ASU graduate class. City of Tempe staff will also be on hand to answer questions. AGENDA 6:00pm - Mingle and enjoy free food & drinks 6:30pm - Overview of the Smith Innovation Hub presented by Tempe Economic Development staff and ASU graduate students 7:00pm- Explore ideation techniques to envision the possible futures of the innovation hub 8:00pm - Done! PARKING Parking nearest to the Design North Building is in the Orange/10th Street Garage or in parking lots 14 and 20, rates for the garage and the parking lot are $3/hour and can be paid via credit/debit card or via the Parkmobile app. If coming by light rail, the nearest station is Veteran’s Ave/College Way Station, which is a 7 minute walk, directly south on Forest Avenue. Special thanks to The ASU Design School, The City of Tempe and Idea Farm for the support! See you there :)

    ASU Tempe Campus

    810 S Forest Mall · Tempe, AZ

  • A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words
    How simple sketches help to get your point, product or pitch across Illustrated facilitation is a powerful way to capture ideas, concepts and processes in a series of simple drawings. Join BLOOM Development founder, Stephanie Brewer, as she shares how you can communicate your inspiration on anything from a cocktail napkin to a whiteboard. And experience the dynamic environment of the ASU decision theater as you learn to draw your way to clear communication! AGENDA 6:00pm - Mingle and enjoy free food & drinks 6:30pm - Learn how to create sketches with Stephanie Brewer 7:30pm - Closing 8:00pm - Done! RSVP Spots are very limited, so please only RSVP if you are certain you can attend the event. Thank you for helping us to ensure everyone who wants to attend the meetup has the opportunity to do so! PARKING Underground parking is available and is accessible from 6th St. through the roundabout or 7th St. right after you pass Governor Moeur's historic house. We will have parking validation for the event. Special thanks to The ASU Decision Theater and Idea Farm for the support. See you there :)

    ASU Decision Theater

    21 East 6th Street Suite 126A · Tempe, az

  • Empathy Mapping Workshop
    “Empathy Mapping” is a technique that helps teams — both internal and external — put themselves directly into their customers’ shoes in order to see, feel, think, and relate to problems/solutions from their point of view. It’s a great activity for project kickoff meetings and workshops, and is equally effective for teams who’ve been working with their customers long-term and need a refresher. It’s also the perfect lead in to deeper explorations of the customer experience, like journey mapping. Join GoDaddy’s Tony Quiroz, Senior CX Strategist, and Katie Blalock, Marketing Operations Technologist, as they teach us about Empathy Mapping and help us practice this technique in a hands-on workshop focused on the PDT&IC audience. AGENDA 6:00pm - Mingle and enjoy free food & drinks 6:30pm - Learn how to create an empathy map with Tony and Katie 7:30pm - Closing 8:00pm - Done! PARKING You may park in the covered, member parking lot. If there are no spaces left, you may park on the street. Please reference the parking map in the comments section. Special thanks to Co+Hoots and Idea Farm for the support. See you there :)

    Co + Hoots

    221 East Indianola Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 · Phoenix, AZ

  • How to Manage Your Energy & Create Space for the Things You Love
    In this hands on workshop we will be taking a design thinking approach to exploring the topic of managing your energy. Group facilitators and team leaders have many roles and one of the most important roles they play is managing the energy of the group. For this workshop, we will be digging in to a little self care and focusing on your energy as an individual. However, energy is CONTAGIOUS! Managing the group energy starts with YOU and thus we are confident what you learn in this workshop will impact your facilitation and leadership too. We are all given the same 24 hours each day and yet, have you ever noticed that some days you are just done even though there are still hours left to the day? We often focus on time management and making the best use of our hours, but what about your energy? Trish Gillam will lead a variety of hands on activities to help you explore how to better manage your energy and design a life that allows you the freedom to do more of what you love. BIO: Trish is a connector of people and ideas. She loves all things related to community and innovation and is very active in her local community. After a few years as the Executive Director for Arizona’s first coworking/collaborative space and starting her own business in facilitation, she flipped things upside down and decided to enter the field of real estate where she gets to help people connect in the community via the most sacred part of our communities, our homes. The most common question people ask Trish is “How do you have the energy for everything you do?” After several years of digging deep in the topic of managing your energy, she has been presenting on this topic with groups and looks forward to exploring the topic further with the Phoenix Design Thinking and Innovation Collective. AGENDA 6:00pm - Mingle and enjoy free food & drinks courtesy of Idea Farm 6:30pm - Learn how to manage your energy with Trish Gillam 7:30pm - Closing 8:00pm - Done! PARKING The Galvanize parking lot is first come first serve and is often full. There is street parking available as well as the option to park or reserve spaces at the lot Northeast of Galvanize. Group Parking Space Information for SP Plus Northeast Parking Lot: Eric Ball / [masked] /[masked] The event is FREE but you must register to attend. Special thanks to Idea Farm and Galvanize for the support. See you there!


    515 East Grant Street · Phoenix, AZ

  • No More Comfort Zone
    Join us in May to learn from Chelsea Hickok as she challenges us to step outside our comfort zone and be comfortable in the uncomfortable. "My experience from being a Fiction Writing and English instructor at ASU showed me that people can be reluctant to give criticism/comments on a topic or medium they feel insecure in. They will usually just write GREAT! and a smiley face in the margin rather than try to engage sincerely with the piece. This workshop will force us into thoughtful criticisms that everyone can learn from as we begin developing a sense of our own style and tastes in a new medium. As a play on rapid prototyping in a workshop setting, we’ll embrace our weaknesses and level the playing field by dividing into two workshop groups made of people who feel worse at writing and people who feel worse at drawing. What will we learn about our abilities in a new medium? How will we communicate our thoughts constructively in a medium we aren't comfortable with? What will we learn about the medium we thought we were strongest in?"

    ASU SkySong

    1475 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257 · Scottsdale, AZ

  • Listening Lab
    Empathy is essential to design thinking and listening is essential for practicing empathy. Both simple and complex, listening is perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to humanity. Join us in April to learn from Doug Reid as he shares the story of a listening journey he embarked on in 2016. During the workshop you will get to: - Think about listening in some new ways; - Assess your listening intelligence; - Consider how we “hold the space” when we are the listener—with individuals or groups; - Experience effective listening; and, - Learn some listening tools. “We can only fully understand the role of listening within creativity when we come to grips with how the mere presence of our consciousness shapes the world around us. When we listen, we open those doors that our ideas, senses and related tools select from the much broader field of possible experience. This practice gives birth to some potential avenues for interaction and development and closes off others. Listening becomes the cornerstone of creative activity.” --David Castro

    The McKinley Club

    800 North 1st Avenue · Phoenix

  • IxDA + PDT&IC
    Get out of the office and into the world. Let's get together with the folks from IxDA (The Phoenix Interaction Design Association) and have some nosh, networking and maybe even play some iterative, ambiguous speed networking games! Make new friends, bring the old, and expand your circle of awesome, designery Phoenicians.


    3243 n. 3rd St. · Phoenix, AZ

  • FAILURE TO LEARN with Ben Lewis
    • What we'll do: More easily learning things the hard way. You are closer than you think to that one thing you really want. Education is any environment that eases the burden of learning from your failures or tries to share the failures of others. Being a life long learner is to embrace failure while limiting the impact that failure has on your ability to strive towards the best version of your self. If you find yourself a bit squeamish about failure, this workshop is for you. We will fail quickly with fun crafty activities while relating them to the failures we fear least and most in our personal and professional lives. • What to bring: Your sense of adventure and willingness to fail (and learn)! Ben will be actively learning from his failures while facilitating this workshop. Your own failures will be in good company.

    ASU SkySong

    1475 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257 · Scottsdale, AZ

  • Screening of "The Loop"
    Let's kick the new year off right with collaboration, learning and networking with other design thinking minded folks in the Valley of the Sun! IXDA Phoenix is teaming up with GoDaddy and InVision to host a free screening of "The Loop" and we (you!) are invited! Come join us at GoDaddy's Scottsdale Headquarters for this intriguing look into IBM's design thinking transformation. We'll watch the film and follow that with a Q&A on design thinking with members of GoDaddy, InVision, IXDA, and other special guests. There's also free food & networking. Come join us! >>>>> IMPORTANT <<<<< You must register to attend this event through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-screening-of-invisions-the-loop-at-godaddy-scottsdale-tickets-41801467314 Agenda 6:00pm - 7:00pm - Welcome reception w/free food & drinks (great for networking!) 7:00pm - 8:00pm - Introduction by Stephen Olmstead, VP Design Partnerhips at InVision + Watch the film (approx 25mins) 8:00pm - 8:30pm - Group discussion & design thinking resources Note: This is a free event, but you must register to attend! To learn more about the film, visit: https://www.invisionapp.com/enterprise/ibm-design-thinking #GoDaddy #InVisionApp #IxDAPhoenix #IBMLoop


    14445 N Hayden Rd · Scottsdale, AZ

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  • Constructing Collaborative Teams with LEGO (part of Phoenix Design Week)
    Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Okay, here it goes.... THE BAD NEWS: We will be canceling our regularly scheduled October meet-up in order to make space for Phoenix Design Week and all the upcoming happenings. THE GOOD NEWS: As part of Phoenix Design Week, the Idea Farm Co-op team (Tamara, Abby, and Kim) will be hosting "Constructing Collaborative Teams with LEGO" on Monday, October 30, from 6-8pm at Goodmans Interior Structures. We hope to see you there! Tickets are required and space is limited. More info here: http://phxdw.com/events/constructing-collaborative-teams-lego/ THE EVEN BETTER NEWS: We have ample openings for YOU to host and run a Design Thinking and Innovation Collective Meet-up of your own in 2017 and 2018. Remaining Meetups for 2017: • NOV 16: Darrell Kidd will be hosting a "Chopped" version of the Meet-up. Details to come. • DEC 14: THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Please reach out to [masked] if you have a SPACE or an IDEA for the event. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

    Goodmans Interior Structures

    1400 East Indian School Road · Phoenix