What we're about

If you are an Optimist, Entrepreneur minded person etc., then this Meetup is for you! How to approach 2019 in a way that will allow you to Live your Dream Lifestyle.

Let's say that you have two seeds in your hand. We are going to call them The Seeds Of Hope, and your Habits is water you will be using to water your New Seeds Of Hope.

Only days and months down the road will it be determined if you're growing a crop of Failure or a crop of Successful.

The challenge is both seeds look identical until you plant, water them, and over time of watering them with your 'Habit Water', you will reap what you sow.

We believe that you are the CEO of your own mind and therefore you make all the decision as to what your Habits are in relation to the Goals you set for yourself and how you will feel about them once reached.

The sooner you join us, the closer you will be to living your Dream Lifestyle!



Charles 'Coach' Gibbs

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