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I have suffered with migraine headache for over 20+ years. Doctors had no solutions for me. For those who even once had this type of pain is needless to say that any other pain, like back pain or even sciatica feels like a little “tickle” comparing to a migrane headache. I used to have migraine every week, lasting up to few days for years and could not take migraine meds as the side effect was worse than pain, so I just had to wait and “put my life of hold “ for few days until migrane is over. It's deep suffering. Until I discovered the way to lessen to pain, the duration and be free of migraines. I’m TC Practitioner, Certified Master Teacher by Tao Acadamy , Therapeutic Art Life Coach , Happiness Life Coach nad more and most importantly I found the way to help to transfrom migrane headache and very happy to share this methods with you, lead you through this transformation, because I know there is hope for this condition. I went through this and so can you! Let me help you

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