Splunk and Hadoop stack (Hunk, Hadoop Connect, Bucket Archiving, Monitoring)


Session 1: 6:00 - 7:00

Title: An overview of the Splunk and Hadoop stack (Hunk, Hadoop Connect, Bucket Archiving, Monitoring Hadoop).


In this session we will cover two main topics:

• The technical details of Hunk

• The technical detail of moving buckets and raw data from Splunk to Hadoop (new feature)

Speaker: Raanan Dagan, Sr. Sales Engineer with Splunk

Currently a Hadoop domain expertise at Splunk, Raanan has spent the past 10 years focused on data in distributed systems. Prior to Splunk, Raanan worked at Cloudera where he was a Hadoop sales engineer and before that, spent 9 years as an engineer and sales engineer at Oracle. Raanan is a certified Hadoop developer and administrator and holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in Management.

Session 2: 7:00 - 8:00

Title: Big Data in Education

Abstract: In this session, we will discuss how Apollo Education Group leverages Big Data. We will show the data products we have developed and explain the journey we undertook.

Speaker: Nitin Mulimani, Director of Software Engineering at Apollo Education Group

Nitin currently leads the Innovation and Analytic Products group at Apollo Education Group. He is currently focused on developing innovative products leveraging big data technologies. Previously, he has worked for start-ups and large companies across multiple industries. He holds a Masters Degree from Arizona State University.