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Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript by Jon Nyman

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Functional programming is a programming-language paradigm that helps programmers write better code that is easier to understand. As computers have become faster many people are looking back at the advantages of functional programming and incorporating the ideas into their products. Many JavaScript libraries and frameworks have also been incorporating functional programming concepts; such as Lodash, Ramda, React, and many more. Come and learn what is functional programming; learn the history of functional programming in JavaScript; learn the pros and cons of functional programming; and learn some core concepts of functional programming that can improve the quality of your software.

Jon Nyman is full stack web developer who is passionate about the functional paradigm of programming. He programmed in Node.js for about 8 months and now spends most of his time writing C#, F#, and T-SQL.
221 E Indianola Ave. (Above Parking Structure) · Phoenix, AZ
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