What we're about

A group based in North West Phoenix who are interested in and have a desire to learn the wonderful world of Linux and Pi. We encourage those with interest, knowledge, enthusiasm, or who just want to hangout and talk about Linux and Pi. Our association with the AZ LOCO GROUP gives us resources and tools to help with growth. We will have events "Install / Workshop Fest", guest speakers, IRC & Discord communication, and we even have BIG BLUE Button which will put us in contact with Linux / Pi users around the US. While we are dedicated to Pi and Linux, we are also open to discussing other open technologies, or projects that interface with open technologies.

Code of Conduct

* Treat all members and guests, without regard to their gender, race, creed, or political affiliation, with respect no matter what their knowledge and experience level happens to be.

* Treat all Linux or FOSS questions as important to the individual who is asking. There may be a simple solution to you, so share it with those who are not as experienced.

* Disagreements will eventually arise. Refrain from attacking or belittling those who disagree with you. Remember, Linux is about choice. YOUR WAY may be A WAY but perhaps not the ONLY WAY. Disagreement is no excuse for bad manners.

* If you don’t know, ask for help. Don’t try and muddle through, reaching an end result that may or may not be correct. If asked for help gladly give it.

* Take responsibility for your actions and statements. Refrain from those that will cause undue harm or embarrassment.

We will have (2) meeting a month, dates are "COMING SOON"

Past events (1)

POST-PHONED_Inauguration Event.....

Foothills Recreation & Aquatics Center

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