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Patagonia - Wilderness Untamed! More Affordable

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Christoph F.
Patagonia - Wilderness Untamed! More Affordable


I am excited to announce one of the most affordable Patagonia photography workshops out there!

Join us on a photographic adventure of a lifetime to earth's premier untamed mountain wilderness! Explore with us a world of astonishing beauty: Breathtaking jagged granite mountains, towering above you with awe inspiring elevation gains of 3000 m, turquoise lakes, giant glaciers made of spectacular blue ice, waterfalls and mesmerizing, beautiful lenga trees, in peak autumn colors! Let me take you to the most amazing parts of Patagonia, located in the southern parts of Argentina and Chile, I have photographed, and help you capture excellent images of this unforgettable wilderness!

Please visit the following link to find out more about this exciting adventure:
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