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• You MUST have a profile picture of yourself to be approved for this group. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

• If we cannot distinguish you from another person in your image that is a male, you will be denied.

• Your profile MUST indicate that you are in Arizona. A mod will not clarify whether or not you're actually in Arizona and your request will be removed. You are welcome to update your profile and send another request.

1. Information in PNG is not to be shared with non-members. If ANYONE is requesting information, contact a Mod Boss. This group is meant to be a safe space and we take that very seriously.
2. If you have not been to a meetup, you CANNOT ask people to go to events you're hosting or ask to hang out 1 on 1. This is extremely sketchy because nobody knows you. This also applies to asking for roommates. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Only mods can host official meets. If you’d like to do something, a Mod Boss needs to facilitate the event for you and you will be a co-host. For more on guidelines for hosting events, please review the FAQ section.
4. If you can't make it to a meetup, please DO NOT post about why you can't come or why you're cancelling. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone so simply update your RSVP and do your thing.
5. This group is for women only. You cannot bring your (insert male here) to an Official or Unofficial meet for any reason. You can attend events with that person on your own time or with another group. Breaking this rule will result in a perm-ban from all PNG groups.
6. Please try to stay on topic within the channels/threads. If you have questions/comments about something else or a different area of the valley, please go through the proper process and use our “Hey! Listen!” form found on our Discord channel.
7. Don't be rude/disrespectful to other members. This includes sexism, racism, genderphobia, etc. which will result in immediate removal. Everyone should be able to enjoy the group no matter differing views, interests, or opinions.
8. If you have any questions, please review the FAQ first before asking a Mod Boss, as we may have already answered it.
9. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated. Respect boundaries set by your fellow PNG members!
10. If you have a concern or a suggestion, please fill out the “Hey! Listen!” form found on our Discord channel.
11. Have fun!

Meet some local nerdy ladies! Whether you're interested in anime, manga, sci-fi, video games, cosplay or TCGs, come spend some time getting to know like-minded ladies.
All women are welcome no matter the nerd level so don’t hesitate to send a request!

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