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The Transfixed Correspondence of Phoenix is afoot! From die-hard admirers to new fans of The Great Detective, to devotees of British mysteries and those who pine for the Late Victorian and Edwardian Eras - all are welcome to lift a glass and share your thoughts on all things Sherlock. We'll discuss the original Conan Doyle writings (the Canon), dip into Sherlockian scholarship and consider Sherlock's many incarnations in radio, TV, movies and the pastiches (stories and novels created by other writers) and how each generation re-invents him. We'll wrestle with classic questions (was Sherlock really a misogynist?) and debate broader topics such Sherlock as a dysfunctional genius, Gothic influences, the presence of British colonialism in the Canon, etc. And we aren't forgetting the supporting cast of Dr. John Watson, Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft, clients, villains, the police and Scotland Yard. "Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same."

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CREE proves once again that ACD was a master of the Gothic genre. Yet when he wrote it in 1923, what seemed like science fiction was only too true in some of the quack "medical" treatments being touted for various conditions. (For that healthy glow, drink radioactive water!) In fact, the "Monkey Gland Doctor" Serge Voronoff made a fortune in the 1920s grafting monkey testicles onto humans to try to enhance or revive sexual performance.

We get truly bizarre behavior, mysterious letters, and a dog who does something in the nighttime. And the May-December engagement between the professor and his daughter's friend is not the least creepy element.

Granada filmed the story in 1991 and I, for one, thought it was a lot of fun.

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