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Contrary to popular usage of the word "Stoic", Stoicism does not advocate suppressing emotion. Stoicism is a philosophy originating in Ancient Greece and Rome. Rather than a set of abstract ideas, Stoicism is built around the question of what makes a good life. It encourages daily practice to cultivate character and virtue while managing unhealthy emotions like fear, craving and anger.

For a very short introduction to Stoicism see https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgePj-uNuUNl8WGAjllj5nD7wH0G (from the NYC Stoic Meetup)

This group is for people interested in learning and practicing Stoicism. The emphasis will be on practice although the theory of Stoicism will be covered as well. The intent is to support and motivate each other by sharing ideas, resources and experiences."

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Duck and Decanter

Stoicism, although simple in practice, can appear quite complex due to the all the terms and concepts used. Discipline of Desire, Assent and Action, the four virtues, the dichotomy of control, etc. Dr. Chuck Chakrapani did a presentation of “How to be a Stoic when you don’t know how” at Stoicon X in Toronto and again at Stoicon X in Athens this year. The link to the Video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaFrUp-x84E. It is about an hour long but it breaks down the concepts and terms and provides some simple exercises. At the meeting we will discuss the video and the concepts presented. A brief summary will be provide for those that do not have time to watch the video.

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A Stoic path to tranquility

Duck and Decanter

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