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Phoenix Target & Tactical Shooters is a group dedicated to firearms and self-defense training. Using and feeling competent with your firearm in real world situations requires more than sitting on a bench at a controlled, supervised range, putting pencil sized holes in a static target at a known distance. We intend to help you get comfortable in fluid, changing and unexpected situations, which is probably why you purchased a firearm or want to purchase one. The gun is the great equalizer, but only if you know how and when to use it. When you are as comfortable with your firearm as you are with the TV remote or computer mouse, acting without thinking will become natural and at that point you will have confidence in any unintended situation you find yourself or your family in.

When our group gets together online and in the field, we share practical knowledge, practice shoot, discuss tactics, ideas, firearm safety, First-Aid classes, outdoor equipment, tactical gear, situational awareness mindset, outdoor and firearm skill-sets, land navigation, map reading, GPS use, rappelling and wilderness exploring along with many other firearms, survival and life saving related subjects. Overall, we want to help replace the life skills that are lacking or rusty from living a modern easy life in a big city.

We hold dearly to the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" and train for personal defense, civic responsibility as well as the safety and protection of our family and loved ones.

Active participation is requested as part of joining our group. This is not just a chat room. We spend our own effort, time and money to host the group and events and in return we ask that you make an effort to be part of, learn from and add to our group by RSVP'ing, Attending the events and leaving comments about the events.

Meetups will be range days, educational classes, practice sessions and even just hanging out for discussion at the local pub or diner.

All "responsible and sane" people over the age of 18 are welcome and quests under the age of 18 are also welcome when accompanied by a responsible adult.

This is an adult, team-room style environment and we try to keep it clean but if you have a thin-skin or are easily offended, then perhaps this group isn't for you. You are welcome to join us to find out if we are right for you. We encourage current or retired Law Enforcement, Veterans & Professionals that want to share along with beginners and women to join us for a non-intimidating gun related environment.

We aim to provide a safe, fun, no-BS environment for all like-minded firearm owners and even non-gun owning beginners that what to learn from experience gun owners or even try before you buy.

Come out from behind your computer and have a great time!

"JOIN" our group, you will not be disappointed!

LIABILITY is your own.

Living life is dangerous! YOU are an Adult. YOU bear sole responsibility for everything and anything that may happen on any “MeetUp” with us. The Organizers, Phoenix Target & Tactical Shooters as a whole and Meetup.com are not liable or responsible for anything and everything related to your participation with our group.

Again, everyone is here of their own free will and YOU bear the full responsibility for you and any Visitors you bring to our events and or shoots. You Shoot or participate at your own risk!


By selecting “JOIN”, joining our group or participating in any of our group activities, you agree that all liability is your own and not to use anything you learn with us or from us in any illegal actions. You also agree to never use your learned skills in any act of unprovoked violence.

Thank you to all the service men and women past and present. Freedom isn't free and you pay the price for our freedom. From all of us to you and your family, THANK YOU!

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