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In our fast-paced and high-tech society, stress affects everyone differently. Stress is necessary to keep us alert and motivated, and it remains beneficial as long as we are in control of it. Stress becomes a problem, like most things, when in excess. At this point it becomes toxic.

Stress is multi-faced, with effects ranging from sleepless nights, mild irritability and anxiety, to frustration, anger, and despair. With the Mastering Stress Method at your fingertips, we put you back in the driver's seat.

This meetup will help if you want to

- Explore ways to reduce daily stress and be supported
- Learn to relax and take life as it comes
- Get tools to empower yourself to deal with life challenges
- Improve your confidence and communication skills to get your dream result
- Meet like-minded people and leave loneliness behind

The gatherings are largely discussion-based and the mood is supportive, collaborative and non-judgmental. So everyone is encouraged to share their views and is listened to.

Note that you should seek medical advice if you experience chronic and severe symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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The Shine On T. V. Show

Online event

The Shine On Movement started when I was very young. As with many children, my light shone brightly and influenced those around me. I carried this energy forward with me in life until one day, while teaching a kids’ class at my Wellness Center, we were singing, “This Little Light of Mine”. At that moment, it struck me how we all can let our light shine in the world. This is the common denominator for all of us to feel safe, connected and valued. That's where the Shine On philosophy was born that we all matter and radiate energy!

It has been my mission since then to help all of humanity raise their energy in a positive way so that it causes a ripple effect and impacts the world! Just like Einstein said, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

The Shine On Movement is about changing the form of negative ENERGY to positive which will help heal yourself and the planet. The Shine On Show encourages you to take inspired action, raises your energy, and gives you fun tools to join in the adventure of living each and every day to its fullest, so that you can be part of the positive change that the world wants and needs.

One listener said, “Watching Angel's show puts a smile on my face because hers is so contagious! And I could sing her song all day long.”

Thank you for being part of the Shine On Movement. Join me live every Thursday at 11am PST here https://www.facebook.com/angelmarieshines

Energetic Booster Online Session 30 min Zoom

Online event

Are you feeling stressed, like you can't breathe, and you just can't relax?
You are NOT alone!

It seems like every call that I've gotten in the past week has been from people who are anxious and overwhelmed by all that's going on in our world today.
There are a few things you should know...

1. The higher your vibration, the stronger your immune system.
2. The more positive your thoughts, the stronger your immune system.
3. The more water you take in and let out ;p , the stronger your immune system.
4. The more breath you take in and let out, the stronger your immune system.
5. A good night's sleep will strengthen your immune system.
6. The healthier the nutrients (food) you put in your body, the stronger your immune system.

In addition, you may be feeling the need for some support in clearing the negative energy and emotions from your system, and boosting your energy and immunity.

I've put together an Energetic Booster -- in the form of 30 minutes - on the phone or zoom.

It's only $97.00 and will boost your immunity, boost your energy, and release all that stress you're feeling.

There's absolutely no reason for you to hold on to that anxiety and stress, one session will teach what you need to do every time you feel it creeping back into your life.

Call Now![masked] or https://calendly.com/angel-shines/energetic-booster-session

Your Time to Shine International Interview T.V. Show

Online event

Your Time to Shine International Interview Series with your host Angel Marie sponsored by The Shine On Movement.

I have discovered that this big beautiful world is actually very small, because we are all connected in some way, shape or form. I have the fortune of knowing people from all over the world in many walks of life and I want to share the genius of many perspectives that I have experienced. The common thread is that each person has a story in which they are showing how a single person can impact the world by shining their light.

During this weekly interview series, I will feature thought leaders and life changers, whether they be experts, entrepreneurs, or simply someone who has a passion for changing the world. Each of my guests will share their story, their wisdom, and a special gift that will nurture you and inspire you to serve others.

I am inviting you to discover new possibilities in a world of limitless opportunities through the Shine On Movement.

Wanna catch us live? Click on https://www.facebook.com/angelmarieshines every Thursday at 2pm PST!

Learn Reiki Get Out of Pain Today! Certification Class

Lightworkers Gifts

How long are you going to talk about wanting to get out of pain and learn Reiki? Is it time for a Reiki Healing session? What is Reiki? How does it heal?

More information: https://angelmarieshines.com/reiki/

Are you interested in practicing Reiki? Do you want to heal yourself and others? Would you like to understand how energy can heal on all levels? This is a one-on-one class for those interested in channeling Reiki and becoming a practitioner.

In this class you will be attuned to Reiki Level I, Level II, or Reiki Master. You will learn the healing principles, techniques, history, what is involved in a treatment, the different levels of Reiki and most of all, how to heal yourself. All attunements and training is conducted in the Shining Wheel.

You will learn grounding, protection, and clearing. As part of the class you'll receive a training manual to guide your lessons, and a certificate of completion.

Angel Marie will teach you and then support your quest as a Reiki practitioner. Classes may be arranged by appointment only.
Come join the Reiki practitioners and help heal yourself and others.

Cost: Must call!!!!![masked]

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Energetic Booster Online Session 30 min Zoom

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