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What we’re about

The Phoenix Kayak Club is for all kayakers who love to get on the water. Members need to bring their own kayaks, gear and food for the day. We will announce our meetup locations, dates, and times.

We will kayak lakes, rivers, and the ocean and do scuba kayaking too. We encourage all members to make suggestions on the best AZ kayaking and to use our Message Board forums to share information, discounts founds, and other useful kayaking information.

Passports & Travel: While most of our events will be in Arizona, if you don't have a passport, please apply for one so you can go down to Rocky Point or other foreign kayaking trips with us. Mexico is usually inexpensive and the water is warm and interesting. We may also plan some CA and UT trips since they have great waterways.

Our Calendar: From our Meetup Home Page, select the 4th tab "Calendar" to see the traditional calendar view of events.

Group make-up: We are a family friendly group. All age ranges are welcome. Please know that you need to provide supervision for your children as the group doesn't have a sitter.

Legal Stuff: Our organizers are volunteers and this group is not a business. By choosing to attend a kayak, scuba or boating meet-up you assume the risk of getting wet, capsizing, and other risks inherent with SCUBA and boating which can include drowning and permanent injury. The organizers and members of this meetup do not provide any warranty for your safety. Ultimately, you are responsible for yourself and your safety. If you are new to kayaking, please take a safety course before doing an adventure. Please wear your PDFs for all events and refrain from using mind altering substances before and while at our water sport meetup.

See you on the water,

Thomas McLaughlin