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No Limit Hold'em Friday Night Tourney! $40 ($35 entry +$5 optional donation)
If you are here and checked in by 6:45 you will receive a 500 bonus chip. Starting stack will be 7,500 and we will do a one time optional add on for $20 for 5,000 chips. If you bust during the first 4 levels, you can re-enter as a new player. 20-minute levels and blinds starting at 25/50. Please lock in your seat ASAP... FYI...the optional donation is NOT mandatory, but very much appreciated. It helps with the costs to run a home game...Air Conditioning, Food, Water and Sodas, Custom Poker Chips, Tables, Cards, Set Up, Tear Down, Clean up, Meet Up Group Subscription, etc. If you do not want to contribute to help with those costs, you do not have to, but most guests feel $5 is fair. I do not make profit on these games...Unless I win! ;) The house does not hold an edge in any way...all players rotate shuffle and dealing. Looking forward to seeing and playing with you guys/gals!

Noonan's Dead Money Casino

Dobson Ranch · Mesa, AZ

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Greetings poker players! My name is Dan Noonan. I'm a long time member, organizer, Leadership team and advisory board member for the Los Angeles Rounders Poker group. The L.A. Rounders meetup group facilitated weekly, monthly and annual poker meetups for over 1,700 members in different organizers homes and sometimes at local casinos. It was a great group and really made poker fun!

When I moved out to Arizona, I was surprised that there were only a couple poker groups. They all seemed pretty small and limited in their reach. I hope to help change that! Now that I'm living in Dobson Ranch (Mesa, AZ), I am looking to start a sister group to the L.A. Rounders where Arizona poker players can meet and organize poker games to improve their poker skills. Eventually it would be nice to have a interstate tournament where the best of L.A. and Phoenix Rounders square off to see who the best of the best are! But, that's a ways away obviously. We need to build a suitable group here first!

I am planning to at least host a bi-weekly No Limit Tournament (usually followed by cash games) and occasional weekend games at my home in Dobson Ranch and hope that eventually other members will become organizers and host games at their homes as well. The L.A. Rounders calendar was always packed with games for almost every day of the week! That would be nice to get going here. I enjoy the Casino, but generally tournament structures are pretty bad and it always inevitably becomes a shovefest...I enjoy tournaments that allow for good play and dont just rely on luck.

If you are a fun, drama-free, poker-lover, I hope to see you in the group! Drama and rude behavior will not be tolerated! If you take your poker so seriously that you berate other players, please take your game to the casino and let them babysit you. ;)

Hope to see some members on the felt soon! -Dan Noonan

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